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Liquid Snow and Ice Control Spraying Systems

Gregson-Clark offers many equipment options for liquid snow and ice control.

Low Profile De-Icing Sprayers:
Low profile poly tank (205 or 305-gallon), Honda GX160 engine, Banjo poly centrifugal pump, optional hose reel.

de-icing sprayer

De-Icing Boom Kit:
Easily added to an existing system, our de-icing boom kit includes: 2" receiver hitch with 72" boom, 6 dripless nozzle bodies with 1 GPM pencil stream nozzles, 12-volt solenoid valve, boomless nozzle, switch console and wiring harness.

de-icing truck sprayer
Larger systems are available with 510, 735, and 1,035-gallon tanks.

Pre-Wetting Systems:

Pre-wetting is a strategy of applying a liquid deicing chemical to a dry ice melt product before or during its application to the pavement. The wet salt stays on the surface better, bouncing less and resisting traffic action. Gregson-Clark pre-wetting systems are available with either tailgate mount or hopper-side mount tanks. Both systems feature a weatherproof pump enclosure with a pressure regulator and stainless steel pressure gauge. The in-cab switch console has an indicator light to show when the pump is on and when there is a lack of pressure due to an empty tank.

300 gallon deicing sprayer

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300-Gallon Brine Making Systems:

- 300-Gallon brine mixing tank (80"x48"x21") full length strained suction tube, cross flow jet agitation for fast mixing, cam-lock connections for easy maintenance and cleaning.

- Poly Centrifugal pump 2" (110 GPM), 115/230V AC 2 HP motor, 2" high flow Y-strainer, stainless steel mounting base, cover, weatherproof switch box.

- Valve manifold system (3-suction, 3-discharge) 2" full port poly valves, allows easy fill and transfer among tanks, mounted on stainless steel frame.

- 1,000, 1,500, and 3,000-gallon tanks are available for finished brine storage.

- We also have freshwater tanks with float valves for efficent brine production when supply water volume is limited.

brine making systems
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Boomless De-Icing Assembly Deicing Boom 205 gallon de-icing, prewetting sprayer
Boomless Nozzle Deicing Kit
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