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Eco 505 Sprayer

Eco-505 Injection System

The Gregson-Clark Eco-505 Injection System allows the lawn care operator to selectively apply a pesticide on demand while making a blanket application of fertilizer. By pulling the second trigger on the injection gun, the pesticide solution is injected instantaneously into the flow of the fertilizer at the gun.

The complete system consists of a 9-gallon or 5-gallon tank, pumping unit, Hannay dual-line hose reel, coaxial hose and dual-trigger gun. The Eco-505 can easily be incorporated into any existing lawn care spray unit. The Eco-505 pumping unit features a built-in pressure gauge and flow meter to ensure accuracy. The specially designed 12-volt pump is fuse protected. A toggle switch turns the system on and a pressure regulator allows for precise flow adjustment.

Benefits Of Using the Eco-505

Reducing Pesticide Cost - Rather than blanket applying chemicals to control a pest problem that only exist in a portion of the turf area being treated, you can now apply pesticide only where it is needed. Current users are experiencing up to a 50% reduction in pesticide use.

Efficiency - As opposed to currently walking back to the truck for a hand sprayer to make spot treatments, you now have the pesticide available at the spray gun. Since the only effort required to make a spot treatment is to pull a second trigger, you can easily prevent costly call-backs. Also, if you are currently applying a granular fertilizer followed by a weed spray, you could eliminate "double passing" your lawns by making a single liquid application.

Environmental Responsibility - With the Eco-505 you can practice Integrated Pest Management or IPM. You will be applying pesticides only where they are needed. This simple detail can and should be communicated to your customers and community. Differentiate yourself by practicing Integrated Pest Management, efficiently. Your customers and community will appreciate your environmental consciousness.

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The Eco-505 is different from other injection systems and proportioning systems in that it injects the pesticide at the gun, on demand. The fertilizer solution and the pesticide solution travel separately through the hose and are mixed at the gun. This allows the applicator to apply the pesticide selectively while blanket applying fertilizer. Other proportioning systems inject a concentrate into the flow of fertilizer before the hose reel and do not allow for selective pesticide application.

Calibrating the system is simple and is based on knowing your current application rate in square feet per minute and the desired rate for the product you are using.

Because the Eco-505 operates at a very low volume, you will most likely need to refill the fertilizer tank long before the injection tank needs to be refilled.

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