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Spray Tips & Boom Components

Gregson-Clark stocks a wide range of nozzle bodies, boom components and spray tips from Teejet, Hypro and Udor. Choosing the correct boom components will depend on your specific application needs. Agricultural spraying may require air induction tips for less drift, while green industry professionals may require a flooding nozzle for blanket applications. If you need any assistance choosing the correct parts, or help determining proper application rates, please feel free to give us a call.

Due to the number of parts available from each manufacturer, our entire selection is not all online. To order parts not found online please call 1-800-706-9530.

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TeeJet Cp25611 TeeJet Cp25597 TeeJet CP25607
TeeJet CP25611 QT Caps
Your Price: $0.76
TeeJet CP25597 QT Caps
Your Price: $0.87
TeeJet CP25607 QT Caps
Your Price: $0.87
Teejet Tip Screens Teejet 1" Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms Teejet 3/4" round Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms
Teejet Tip Screens
Your Price: $1.23
Teejet 1 1/4" round Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms Teejet 1" Square Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms Teejet 1 1/4" Square Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms
Teejet 1 1/2" Square Vari-Spacing clamp for dry booms XR Extended Range Flat Fan Spray Tips Turbo TeeJet Spray Tip
XR Flat Spray Tips
Your Price: $5.38
Teejet 11750-5 AIXR Air Induction Flat Fan Tip Turbo TeeJet Induction Flat Spray Tip
Turbo TwinJet Flat Fan Spray Tips TeeJet 22252-312-375-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies TeeJet 122251-311-750-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies
TeeJet 22251-311-375-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies TeeJet 22252-312-750-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies TeeJet 19349-211-540-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies
TeeJet 19350-212-540-NYB Dripless Nozzle Bodies 23520 Throttling Valve 23520 Throttling Valve
TeeJet AA6B control Valve XT010 Boom-less Nozzle Hypro XT020 Boom-less Nozzle
Hypro XT024 Boom X Tender Nozzle XT043 XT Boom X Tender TeeJet AA17L control Valve