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V-Series & Space-Saver Skid Sprayers

Lawn Skid Sprayer

Available in sizes from 50-300 gallon, our V-Series skid sprayers are ideal for use in pickup trucks.

V-Series skid sprayers are available in sizes from 50-300 gallon and are commonly used for commercial lawn care, tree spraying, pest control and many other applications. The balanced, space-saving design maximizes space in your pick-up. They are available with a wide variety of component options and accessories making them easily customizable for specific needs.

V-Series Skid Sprayers Feature:

skid sprayerCompact Design:
The space-saving design leaves plenty of space available for other equipment or materials. All components are conveniently placed for easy operation and maintenance.

100 gallon skid sprayer Versatility:
The universal mounting brackets allow for the hose reel to be mounted opposite the pump and engine for pickup trucks, or beneath the pump and engine for vans and enclosed body trucks.

A modular tank can easily be added to an existing sprayer at any time to increase capacity and/or provide for two separate spray solutions.

Lawn Sprayer wiring harness Portability:
The hose reels are pre-wired and include a quick-disconnect battery cable. When you need to remove your sprayer from your truck, you simply unplug the cable. All V-Series sprayers are designed to slide between the wheel wells for easy installation and removal.

Space Saver Skid Sprayer Space Saving Design:
Space-Saver sprayers are available in 200, 300 and 400 gallon capacities and are designed to fit into full size pick-up trucks. The frameless design of these polyethylene tanks allow the pump/engine and hose reel to mount directly to the tank with specially designed mounting brackets. Many options and accessories are available to accommodate specific needs.

Two-Year Warranty: Industry exclusive two-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Excludes pump diaphragms, which are normal wear items.

V-Series and Space-Saver Skid Sprayers are easily customizable and are available with numerous accessories. Our full line of standard V-Series Sprayers is shown below. To discuss options and accessories to best fit your business needs, please call us at 1-800-706-9530. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

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Custom Skid Sprayer V-50, 50 gallon skid sprayer Space Saver 200 Gallon Skid Sprayer
V-50 Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $2,976.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
200 Gallon Space-Saver Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $4,091.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
100 gallon skid sprayer V-150 ST 150 Gallon Skid Sprayer V-200 ST Skid Sprayer
V-100 Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $4,265.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
V-150 Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $4,400.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
V-200 Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $4,482.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
Space Saver 300 Gallon Skid Sprayer 400 Gallon Space-Saver Skid Sprayer V-300 300 Gallon Skid Sprayer
300 Gallon Space-Saver Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $4,995.00
Shipping Crate: $135.00
400 Gallon Space-Save Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $5,181.00
Shipping Crate: $195.00
V-300 Skid Sprayer
Your Price: $5,524.00
Shipping Crate: $195.00