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Welcome to the Gregson-Clark resource section

This section is dedicated to providing helpful articles on a wide range of lawn spraying and green industry topics. Whether you're looking for help on selecting a skid sprayer, diaphragm pump troubleshooting information, sprayer maintenance tips, product insight or other spraying related topics, we've got you covered. Check back often as these articles are an on-going project that continue to to be built upon. If there is an article or topic that you would like to see send us an email to Zack@gregsonclark.com

How To Winterize A Skid Sprayer

This article shows how to winterize a Gregson-Clark skid sprayer. Although the winterization is preformed on a

Gregson-Clark unit, the general directions can be used on most sprayers.


Rebuilding A Lesco/ Chemlawn Spray Gun

In this article we show you how to rebuild the internal seals on a Lesco lawn spraying gun.


How To Trouble Shoot A Diaphragm Pump

This article walks you through how to trouble shoot a diaphragm pump that is not preforming properly.

Surprisingly many cases are due to airflow on the suction side of the pump rather than the pump itself.

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Routine Sprayer Maintenance

Learn how to stay ahead on your sprayer maintenance to decrease down time and prevent unwanted surprises.

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Installing 3-Way Ball Valves

Learn how to installing 3-way ball valves onto a modular spray tank.

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